Nintendo Wii Launch Date and Price Revealed

The Seattle PI has announced the official release date and price for the Nintendo Wii console based on an article from the New York Times. The Nintendo Wii will be released in North and South America for $250 on November 19th.

IGN also reports that tomorrow Nintendo should reveal that Nintendo plans to provide gamers with more than 25 new titles for the Nintendo Wii this year.

NYT states that every Nintendo Wii console will include Wii Sports and games are priced at $50 each. In addition to the 25+ games available at release 30 classic downloadable virtual console games should be available this year for $5-$10 a piece.

The Nintendo Wii also will include a feature to share digital photos via their television dubbed, “Photo Channel”. There will also be news and weather channels on the Nintendo Wii.

Nintendo Press Conference Japan

According to Yahoo! Japan’s business section, the entire internet is completely wrong about the time of the event! In their article entitled, “Nintendo Co. to anticipate “Wii” explanatory meeting, after 3 days rally”, they state that the event will be held at 2pm Tokyo/Osaka time. This means that the event will be held at 10pm PDT. Please return at 10pm PDT; we will consolidate all of the press conference information we can find right here!

It has not been confirmed, but the event may be broadcast live at once the event starts: Nintendo Conference Live!

The Appetizer: Nintendo has updated the official Nintendo Wii website with a teaser page!

The Salad: The Seattle Post has word that the Nintendo Wii will cost $250.00 and be released on November 19th in the United States. Read the article, “Nintendo gets Wii ready for holidays”.

Official Nintendo Announcement Tonight!

The official Nintendo Wii event will be held tonight in Tokyo, Japan followed by the New York Event tomorrow!

As of yet, nobody knows what the announcements may be but we’re hoping for official release date information so that we all can go out and pre-order our Nintendo Wii systems! I can’t wait!

Wii Play Games will let you know as soon as we hear the news from the Japan conference. IGN Wii will be attending the New York event so be sure and check them out tomorrow morning at 8am PDT!

IGN: Splinter Cell to be a Nintendo Wii Launch Title!

“We are very excited to bring Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Double Agent to the Wii this holiday season,” said Tony Key, vice president of marketing at Ubisoft. “The Splinter Cell franchise has always translated very well across multiple platforms and we are confident that the Wii version will continue the tradition of maximizing the capabilities of each respective videogame console platform.”

Read on…

This must be the game half of the rumor to watch IGN today! Having splinter cell will be an awesome advantage for the Nintendo Wii, I think. Splinter Cell with the Wiimote sounds awesome!

Rumor: Watch IGN for Nintendo Wii News

Either tomorrow or today watch IGN for possible news about a new game and a new peripheral for the Nintendo Wii. GoNintendo recieved rumors that Matt Casamassina was in the IGN chatrooms and told everyone to keep their eyes peeled on IGN Wii. I’ll be watching and keep you all posted as soon as this rumor comes true – if it comes true.