Matt Casamassina Thinks; Episode 1

Welcome to episode 1 of “Matt Casamassina Thinks”. Since Matt has been around since the beginning of time, whenever he updates his blog over at IGN I will be sure and let you all know ASAP. Who is Matt Casamassina? I’m glad you asked. Matt is one of the original authors of, one of the greatest news sites of the Nintendo 64 era and beyond. He’s been through it all and knows Nintendo inside and out. With that said, Matt’s latest blog entry talks about Nintendo’s DVD movie playback ability – will it or will it not be included in the Nintendo Wii?

Half-hatched and Ill-researched Theory About Wii Lacking DVD-movie Playback Now

Well, my topic pretty much says it all. Perhaps I’m being overly paranoid or maybe I’m reading too much into nothing, but I’m beginning to wonder if Wii will still offer the option to play DVD movies. Honestly, it’s not a big deal to me one way or the other, but I suppose someone out there might actually care. Maybe someone who lives in a village, which has yet to embrace DVD players. Or possibly someone traveling to the present from some time deep in our past. Yeah, I’ll move on…

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This is an interesting find and I wonder if Matt is on to something. Perhaps we will not be playing our movies on the new Nintendo system? Time will tell, and when it does I will be sure to pass on the message!

6 Million Nintendo Wii Systems by March 31, 2007

Following Sony’s announcement that the Playstation 3 has been delayed until March 7th, 2007 in Europe. Nintendo Representative Allison has sent “Go Nintendo” Nintendo’s official response:

Wii is on track to ship in Q4, Nintendo plans to ship 6 million systems to retailers around the world between its launch in the fourth quarter of 2006 and the end of its fiscal year on March 31, 2007.

I can’t help but feel a little bit of simpathy for Sony… Nevermind; my foot was cought under a manhole cover. Keep up the great work Nintendo!

Big Nintendo Wii Announcement on September 15th?

Earlier last week Nintendo announced that it will be holding an event in New York City on September 15th. Rumors abound that this event will be the date that Nintendo will announce the release date of the Nintendo Wii. Well just last night Nintendo of Europe announced that there will be a similar event on that very same day in London, England. Could it be that this is the day we’ve all been waiting so impatiently for? I will keep you posted as I recieve more info!

Wii Play Games Website Design Upgrade!

I am in the process of upgrading Wii Play Games with its very own custom theme. The new theme was coded and designed by me, I hope that you all enjoy it – comments are welcome! I wish to bring new life to the site. This is my first attempt at making a theme for Word Press so Please be patient while I work out the bugs and add new features! Thank you!