The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Sword Controls!

IGN has an article up detailing major changes to the control scheme of the Nintendo Wii version of Twilight Princess. At E3 2006 players used the B button to swing the sword, now players will be able to slash their sword using the Wii controller!

Nintendo has made some major changes to the control scheme for the Wii version of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Speaking to Japan’s monthly Nintendo Dream publication, producer Shigeru Miyamoto revealed that the game will now allow players to swing the controller for sword slashes.

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Rumor! Nintendo GameCube Handheld in the Works?

According to several sources the latest rumor has it that Nintendo is currently working on a Nintendo Gamecube portable system as we speak! I don’t know about you all but that sounds awesome to me! I want one! IGN posted an article about this only to later recall the article leaving behind the reason, “At the request of our sources, who do not wish to go to jail this week”. I will update as more information is announced!

Nintendo and Microsoft Sued

According to theInquirer, Nintendo and Microsoft are being sued for infringing on a crap-load of patents by the company Anascape Ltd. They claim that Nintendo and Microsoft have breached the following patents with their controllers:

5,999,084 “Variable-conductance Sensor”
6,102,802 “Game Controller with Analog Pressure Sensor(s)”
6,135,886 “Variable-conductance Sensor with Elastomeric Dome-cap”
6,208,271 “Remote Controller with Analog Button(s)”
6,222,525 “Image Controllers with Sheet Connected Sensors”
6,343,991 “Game Control with Analog Pressure Sensor”
6,344,791 “Variable Sensor with Tactile Feedback”
6,347,997 “Analog Controls Housed with Electronic Displays”
6,351,205 “Variable-conductance Sensor”
6,400,303 “Remote Controller with Analog Pressure Sensor(s)”
6,563,415 “Analog Sensor(s) with Snap-through Tactile Feedback”
6,906,700 “3D Controller with Vibration”

A closer look at the “leaked” Wii specs

ARS Technica has an excellent article analysing the recently posted Nintendo Wii specifications by Max Console. The article essentially blows their credibility out of the water. In it they compare the leaked specifications to the GameCube and find they are nearly identical word for word except for a slightly raised clock speed. I agree with ARS and I doubt that the “leaked” specifications are the actual specs for the Wii processor. Looks like we’re going to have to wait a little longer for that information.

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