According to the editor in Amazon’s video game team, will be taking preorders again between now and November 19th.

Hi! My name is Jon, and I’m an editor working on the Video Games team. We know that everyone is excited to get their Wii pre-ordered… heck, we’re anxious, too. Unfortunately, we don’t yet have our launch allocation numbers from Nintendo, so we don’t have any hard and fast data for you.

For a brief period on Friday, we did offer pre-orders for the Wii, however, the rate at which pre-orders came in dramatically outpaced what we had anticipated, so we suspended pre-orders until we are able to get a firmer commitment from Nintendo regarding how many units we’ll have for sale.

Because the pre-order window was so brief, the e-mail many of you signed up for notifying you that pre-orders were available was never triggered to send out. We apologize and have fixed the system to ensure pre-order e-mail notifications are sent in advance.

In the meantime, there are several ways you can stay up to date on the latest Wii information:

Visit our Nintendo Wii page and sign up for e-mail updates
Visit our Video Games store:
Visit our Video Games blog:

We apologize for any confusion regarding the status of Wii pre-orders, but hope this clears some things up. If you have any questions or issues, Customer Service is always ready to assist you, and I’ll do my best to answer questions in this forum. Thanks!

– Jon G.
Editor, Video Games

I would suggest signing up for their newsletter and keeping your eyes peeled because I’m positive their Nintendo Wii’s will sell out quick!