CNET’s Daniel Terdiman got a chance to play the Nintendo Wii at their networks headquarters and has written about his experience.

SAN FRANCISCO–I’m sitting in a conference room here at CNET Networks’ headquarters, playing a baseball game on a Nintendo Wii in which the players look like little more than rudimentary Lego people.

Still, I’m having a good time, swinging (and mostly missing, I’ll admit) at pitches, but once in awhile smacking a hit.

Mostly, I’m having fun because the mood of the game, thanks to the Lego figure players, is silly. And I’ll admit it: The Wii’s innovative new motion-sensitive remote controller and secondary nunchuck (an ancillary controller specific to the Wii) is easy to use, especially for someone like me who has always had a little trouble with traditional console joysticks.

Hands on the Wii