Here is a little from the review:

The success of Phantom Hourglass is attributable to the hundreds of little things here that make you think, “Ha, nice!” It’s in the dungeons, which are multi-leveled and labyrinthine, carefully leading you ever deeper into their web through puzzles (both of the stated variety, where clues are provided, and of the DIY type where only your own musing and experimentation can succeed). It’s in the option to upgrade your boat with new parts, enabling you to create a mean sailing machine. It’s in the two-player Wi-Fi mode, which offers competitive dungeon challenges for Zelda players the world over. It’s in the facial expressions of the bit-part characters, which are based on the soulful Wind Waker style. It’s in the music, which we would happily listen to for ever. It is everywhere, because Phantom Hourglass is complete.

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