A story full of fantasy and mystery, Folklore is the story of two strangers who come together in search of a town called Doolin. The town where the living can meet the dead. Our two main characters Ellen and Keats are drawn to the mystery that killed her mother. What is considered possible murder may be uncovered within the Nether Realm. But there are many spirits and creatures in the Nether Realm that they have never encountered before and some might not be as friendly as they’de like.


A game full of brilliant colors and amazing graphics makes for a pretty bag of eye candy! Something so incredible it peaks the imagination. Full of magical lore and fantastic music. You don’t want to miss this one!! This sounds like my type of game! Play as either Ellen or Keats and experience two different gameplay styles! Ellen uses her tactics and strategy while Keats relies more on his force and powerful attacks!


Travel to different lands in the Nether World such as Doolin, the Faery Realm, Warcadia, Undersea City, Hell Realm (ooooh that one should be interesting), The Endless Corridor (I dunno, you might get kind of tired…take lots of breaks!), and the Nether World Core! (whew, I bet that place is pretty hot!) While confronting several different creatures, find out which ones are friends…..and which ones are foes….


GAH! I want this game so bad!!! I must have it!!!!

This game has already been released in October and is available for the PS3..SHOOT! I don’t have one of those yet! Well, Christmas iiiis just around the corner…;). Hehehehehehehehehehehe……Anyways!! This game is absolutely spectacular and I encourage anyone who is down this alley to take a look at the website. Very well put together and absolutely stunning to the eye take a click and enter a whole new world. http://www.us.playstation.com/Folklore/

Here is a nice video for you all and some pics. You don’t think I would just leave that out do you!??? I would never dream of it! Pfft! How dare you even get such a crazy idea in your head!