Finally, a Nintendo Wii game I’m really interested in playing! IGN has a Preview up with 60 fresh screenshots.

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption begins as space-drifting heroine Samus Aran awakens from a cryogenic sleep to a fleet of Federation Ships. In a first for the acclaimed franchise, you take control of the character well before her feet touch the ground. Your initial mission is to guide her Hunter-Class Gunship to Docking Bay Five on the enormous battleship, S.S. Olympus. While you can engage its thrusters and tinker around with several of its in-cockpit gadgets, including a screen that tallies exactly how many kills you’ve amassed and even how many times you’ve shot your weapon, you don’t ever really control Aran’s ship so much as you select positions on a galactic map for it to fly toward. (Later, you’ll be able to call the ship to Aran’s side — it can rain down extra firepower when necessary or, bare minimum, function as a portable save system, literally flying a save portal your way.) Before you’ve got a moment to ponder the fact that the game’s epic storyline is delivered by way of genuine and very well acted voice work — all the humanoid characters save for Samus have speaking parts — the Space Pirates are attacking and soon after you’re off on a quest to save the galaxy.