Famitsu pulled a fast one on us and released a squat load of new information on Mario Kart Wii! Here are some of the biggest new features of the game.

  • 32 Courses Total, 16 Remakes and 16 Brand New Courses including: Mario Circuit, Momo Country, Kinopio Factory, DK Snowboard Cross, Coconuts Mall, Kinoko Canyon, and Luigi Circuit.
  • Mid-air Tricks which will provide a boost if you pull them off right
  • Wi-fi based play for up to 12 players. Players from around the world, your own country and your friends list.
  • Mario Kart Channel to view world rankings and your own records
  • You can use your Mii as a bike or kart rider
  • Online Mode allows you to download ghost data to play against the best players
  • Split screen with up to 4 players

Expect more news from Nintendo on Mario Kart Wii in the near future now that the cat is out of the bag!