Microsoft Project Scorpio Specs

Here they are, the official Project Scorpio specs for the new device coming Q4 2017. Based on this info, it sounds like Project Scorpio will be a decent gaming PC. Hopefully they’ll allow us to install fresh Windows 10 and let us just use it as a normal, albeit small form factor PC and/or use it as an Xbox as well, that’d be fun!

  • CPU
    • 8 Core AMD Jaguar “Evolved” @ 2.3GHz w/ 4MB L2 Cache
    • 16nm FINFET Manufacturing Process
    • Manufactured by TSMC
  • GPU
    • Command Processor at the head of the GPU uses hardware implementation of DirectX 12
    • 40 Compute Units @ Core Clock 1172MHz vs 12 @ 853MHz on Xbox One vs 36 @ 911MHz on PS4 Pro vs 36 @ 1266MHz on AMD RX480
    • 12GB 6.8GHz GDDR5 384-Bit Memory Bus (12 modules) 326GB/s of Bandwidth (4GB System Reserved)
    • Die Size 360mm^2 vs 232mm^2 AMD RX 480
    • Compute Performance (TFLOPS) 6.0 vs 5.8 on AMD RX480
  • Cooling
    • Vapor Chamber Cooling with Large Centrifugal Fan

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