The Hylia has an article up which describes what the article contains. The article covers what happens from the beginning of Twilight Princess through the first dungeon. Don’t read past the second paragraph over at The Hylia if you do not wish to spoil the beginning of the game.

Twilight Princess Update in EDGE Magazine – October 26, 2006

Warning – this update reveals everything that happens in the final version of Twilight Princess up till the first dungeon, and is most likely the same build IGN and other will be playing next week. If you don’t want to know a ton of stuff, don’t even bother reading this update and pretend it doesn’t exist – RED LEVEL spoilers.

So, a NeoGAF forumer named TheGreatDave has posted apparent information from the latest issue of Edge Magazine (UK). I have my source in the UK out looking for a copy of the issue now, but I’m heading to bed so we probably won’t have scans anytime soon. However, read below for the apparent information.

The Hylia Article