You may have heard a lot of news sources claiming that Nintendo is losing out to competitors, or doing badly financially over the last fiscal year which ended March 31, 2012. What these news sources fail to realize is that what actually is happening is Nintendo has gone into full battle mode against their competitors over the past year and has been spending money like crazy to make sure that the Wii U will be everything we want it to be! Net loss equals revenues – expenses – current debt —  the key word here being expenses. Designing, developing, and manufacturing the Wii U is an expense for Nintendo. Since the old Wii is now about to retire it makes sense that Nintendo’s spending has surpassed its new revenues from the Nintendo Wii. So next time you read an article claiming that Nintendo is failing in any way, keep in mind that the more net loss Nintendo has over the next 6 months the better the Wii U will be when it launches!