Live Blog

10:13am: will have lots of things to view, when it comes back online. Lol

10:12am: Reggie talking about innovation and Nintendo DS/3DS, Wii, WiiU

10:11am: Battlefield 3 with Frostbite engine coming to WiiU

10:10am: EA John on stage talking about EA sports

10:06am: There are some bloody games coming to WiiU

10:05am: Batman Arkham City will be on the new console.

10:04am: Darksiders 2 will be available at launch

10:03am: Wiiuwiiuwiiuuu

10:03am: Lego game will be coming to WiiU featuring a whole city of Lego vehicles

10:02am: The described are prototypes, not actual games.

10:00am: New Super Mario Bros Mii concept where your Mii character plays along side Mario, Luigi and pals.

9:59am: WOW! Amazing HD graphics coming out of the new console! I’m tearing up 😀

9:59am: At E3 interactive demonstrations will be on display of the new Wii U which comes out in 2012.

9:58am: Reggie coming back to stage to explain more

9:56am: Smash Brothers coming to 3DS and Wii U, making it work together on both consoles!

9:55am: Miyamoto has many ideas for the console (of course!)

9:54am: Wii U lets you video chat, play games all while watching TV, or bring it to the big screen for a larger view.

9:53am: The video is wirelessly transmitted to the controller in HD.

9:52am: Two analog buttons, L and R buttons, Touch Screen, Microphone, Speakers, Accelerometers, Gyroscope and inward facing camera.

9:51am: 6.3″ screen built into the controller. No longer will you have to give up game playing when your parents come in and want the TV!

9:50am: New Zelda footage shows Link in faily decent HD quality at 1080p!

9:49am: Screen controller allows you to use touch, camera, and pointing ability in new creative ways.

9:47am: New console allows you to switch from your TV to your new console controller.

9:45am: Wii U is the name of the new console.

9:44am: Pokedex 3D will only be available online on the 3DS marketplace. Just update your 3ds now to the latest version of the system software for access.

9:42am: Biggest download news would be Pokemon. For the first time pokemon will be 3D and also fit into the real world. An enhanced pokedex (pokedex 3D) will be released. 16 initial pokemon come in it, or you can scan AR markers with your friends to find new pokemon and build your pokedex.

9:41am: The new store for 3DS allows you to browse games and view videos and screenshots of games. Later this year demos will also be available. Classic portable games starting with Gameboy and Gameboy Color will be coming to the store. Free excite bike if you download the latest update to your 3DS before July 7th.

9:40am: Montage of other non-key games coming to 3DS.

9:38am: The new Luigi’s Mansion will be an entirely new game using 3D and featuring several new mansions.

9:36am: Luigi’s Mansion 2 coming to 3DS.

9:35am: Kid Icarus shown, very action packed gameplay. Looks like it will be a fun action RPG style game. 3 on 3 multiplayer.

9:32am: Mario 3DS: Amazing footage! Appears to have a fixed camera but allows you to walk forward and backwards on 3D planes. The racoon tail is featured. Coming before the end of 2011.

9:31am: Starfox 3DS, motion controls, 3DS cameras record your reaction to share with friends. Coming September, 2011

9:30am: Mario Kart coming holiday 2011

9:29am: Mario Kart 3DS game footage… Cool new kart attachments shown

9:28am: 5 key games coming to 3DS

9:27am: Reggie coming on stage

9:26am: Cinematics for Mario Kart 3D, Starfox 3D, Super Mario, Kid Icarus, Luigi’s Mansion 3DS games

9:25am: Teasing us, not releasing details till later in the meeting.

9:24am: Deeper game experiences than passionate gamers have experienced, and wider than the Wii.

9:23am: What we haven’t achieved is a game platform equally fun for all types of gamers, hardcore and casual.

9:22am: Saturo Iwata comes on stage talking about how gaming has changed

9:21am: End of beginning of presentation

9:20am: Miyamoto invites Zelda developers on stage.

9:19am: Two music CDs The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D soundtrack, a gift for the first to register the game. The other is based on The Legend of Zelda symphony concerts which will be going on around the world throughout the year.

9:17am: Miyamoto plays Skyward Sword every day and feels as though he is part of the game because of the motion plus controls.

9:16am: The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword this holiday season for Nintendo Wii. Wii motion plus for swinging sword and using bow and arrow. Special Gold Wii remote will be available as a promotion when the game is launched.

9:14am: Links Awakening, The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D, Four player coop Four Swords available as a free download.

9:13am: For the 25th anniversary there is a Zelda game for each console.

9:12am: Playing Zelda sound effects with live Orchestra

9:11am: 25th anniversary of Zelda. The gameplay and visuals have constantly evolved with each new hardware system, and so has the music. The song heard at the end of the orchestra was the theme song of Skyward Sword.

9:10am: Shigeru Miyamoto on stage in a suit

9:09am: Zelda 25th Anniversary celebration

9:06am: Conference started, full orchestra playing Legend of Zelda theme song with Zelda montage playing on the big screen.