Put a dust cover on your Wii U everyone. Despite all of the exciting announcements made this past week, the fact remains that there aren’t going to be any games worth purchasing for the Wii U until some unannounced time this Spring when Pikmin 3 is released. Sure, Rayman is coming at the end of next month but will that be enough to keep the dust off of our GamePads for long? After Rayman we’ll more than likely have to wait another month or two for Pikmin 3 to come out. This is a sad state of affairs when game releases for the Wii U launch are almost, if not just as sparse as the dismal 3DS launch. This is something we would never see on the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. It’s all ok by me however — in fact, I’m proud of Nintendo. They are taking a hit for us gamers on this one by delaying their games in order to produce the quality we have all come to expect from first party Nintendo games. The surprising thing to me however is that Nintendo didn’t start developing the games it needed earlier? Perhaps they didn’t have a functional Wii U prototype early enough to allow developers to begin work on the new games years ahead of its release. Whatever the case, the fact remains that until this Spring and hopefully some unannounced releases this summer we can all expect a slow start for the Wii U.

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