Nintendo predicts that it will sell some 35,000,000 Wiis by the year 2012. Right now, there are roughly 4.5M Wiis floating around.

Currently, the Xbox 360 is the market leader in the U.S. with 5.4 million units sold. However, Nintendo is quickly approaching its competitor, despite the one year headstart Microsoft’s console had. The Wii has currently sold through 2.5 million units in America since the console’s release in late November. In contrast, the PlayStation 3 has only been able to sell through 1.3 million units.Nevertheless, some analysts remain skeptical. “The 35 million target is a bit too optimistic for now as it seems the Wii is targeting light gamers, but the U.S. market has a lot of hard-core game players,” said Etsuko Tamura, an analyst with Mizuho Investors Securities. “It’s too early to decide whether the Wii will be the winner among game consoles.”