According to Yahoo! Japan’s business section, the entire internet is completely wrong about the time of the event! In their article entitled, “Nintendo Co. to anticipate “Wii” explanatory meeting, after 3 days rally”, they state that the event will be held at 2pm Tokyo/Osaka time. This means that the event will be held at 10pm PDT. Please return at 10pm PDT; we will consolidate all of the press conference information we can find right here!

It has not been confirmed, but the event may be broadcast live at once the event starts: Nintendo Conference Live!

The Appetizer: Nintendo has updated the official Nintendo Wii website with a teaser page!

The Salad: The Seattle Post has word that the Nintendo Wii will cost $250.00 and be released on November 19th in the United States. Read the article, “Nintendo gets Wii ready for holidays”.