Nintendo Press Conference Japan

According to Yahoo! Japan’s business section, the entire internet is completely wrong about the time of the event! In their article entitled, “Nintendo Co. to anticipate “Wii” explanatory meeting, after 3 days rally”, they state that the event will be held at 2pm Tokyo/Osaka time. This means that the event will be held at 10pm PDT. Please return at 10pm PDT; we will consolidate all of the press conference information we can find right here!

It has not been confirmed, but the event may be broadcast live at once the event starts: Nintendo Conference Live!

The Appetizer: Nintendo has updated the official Nintendo Wii website with a teaser page!

The Salad: The Seattle Post has word that the Nintendo Wii will cost $250.00 and be released on November 19th in the United States. Read the article, “Nintendo gets Wii ready for holidays”.

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