Here is the official news for the United States!

Nintendo Wii goes on sales November 19th for $249.00. There will be 25,000 points of distribution for the US. There will be only one color available – white. 4 million consoles will be sold world-wide by the end of the 2006.

Inside the box you will receive the console, the sensor bar, remote and nunchuck controller. We will also receive a copy of Wii Sports which includes Wii Tennis, Wii Golf, Wii Baseball, Wii Bowling and Wii Boxing in the box.

The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess will be available on launch day for the first time! Reggie says if you were to play the game non stop for 6 hours you would barely scratch the surface.

In all there will be approximately 30 games available within the launch window. The games will have a suggested retail price of $49.99.

There will be 30 Virtual Console games by the end of the year and starting in January about 10 more per month.

The opera browser will not be included, you must purchase it with points. Free weather and news channels will be included. Also a photo viewing feature which uses SD cards comes with the Wii.

There will be no Hollywood DVD playback on the Nintendo Wii. Nintendo has decided that most households already own a dvd player and not including this feature has lowered the cost of the system.

The Wii remote will cost $39.99 and the nunchuck attachment will cost $19.99.

You may read the entire live write-up from ign over at IGN Wii.