Drop another pawn under the floor mat? Lose some more checkers between the seat cushions? Gone are the days of balancing “portable” board games on your lap in the back seat of your car. Clubhouse Games offers 42 classics on a 1” x 1” cartridge plugged easily in to your portable, pocket-sized DS or DS Lite.

Since 35 of the games are Wi-Fi-enabled, there’s always someone ready to take you on – day or night, on the road or at home. Check out the killer new Gaming Hub for details on each game, the hottest categories of the moment, a list of the last players to connect to Wi-Fi, personalized stats and more.

Scoring – gaming hub scores deciphered

The scores listed in the new gaming hub represent your cumulative score for a given category, regardless of which game(s) you played.

Score calculation: Number of times you placed 1st in a given category x 10 ÷ number of times you played

10 first place wins in “Action Games” x 10 = 100
100 ÷ 2 times played = your “Action Games” score is 50

Clubhouse at a glance

  • Eight categories
  • 35 of 42 games include Wi-Fi
  • In-game chat
  • Simple touch controls
  • Easy-to-use screens with simple instructions for each game
  • Multiple genres: Bowling, Connect Five, Chess, Texas Hold ‘Em, etc.
  • Supports wide range of ages and skill levels