Wall Street Journal has a great interview with Nintendo President Satoru Iwata.

WSJ: You finally unveiled Wii Music, the game that Super Mario Brothers creator Shigeru Miyamoto demonstrated three years ago.

Mr. Iwata: Wii Music completes what Miyamoto wrote in his proposal when he came up with the idea for the Wii. He was saying that he needs to think up more ideas now.

WSJ: Since you first launched Wii, you’ve introduced several accessories, such as the steering wheel to play racing games and the gun-like Wii Zapper to shoot targets in a game. This month you unveiled the Wii Motion Plus and Wii Speak. Are there any more accessories in the pipeline?

Mr. Iwata: Most of the ideas for accessories that we had initially come up with are out now. We might think up some more, and we might make them if we do, but we don’t have any plans to release a whole lot more.

WSJ: Will Wii owners be forced to buy a Wii Motion Plus for each controller they own to play newer games?

Mr. Iwata: There will be games that will be enhanced by the Wii Motion Plus as well as games that can only be played with it. Users will need four if they have four controllers, but we’re going to try to offer it for as little as possible. We haven’t announced the price yet, but the cost of making the Wii Motion Plus is not that much, so I think we can make it very affordable.

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