IGN is calling Skyward Sword the greatest Zelda game ever created. They praised every aspect of the game including the controls. Also they spoke well of the way Nintendo created whole new experiences when revisiting areas in the game. They rated the game an astounding ten out of ten.

Gamespot set a very angry tone in their review making me wonder if the reviewer even likes Zelda or Nintendo games at all. They start off by scolding Nintendo over the motion controls which according to them failed at many crucial points in the game causing great frustration. They also disliked the re-visiting areas and made no mention of whether their was something new to be done. These two main issues caused them to set their score at 7.5/10. Ouch, these guys are some tough cookies. Either that or they suck at playing Wii games, or weren’t playing a finished version of the game?

Not to worry. I am not canceling my pre-order over Gamespot’s review. I will see for myself, after all this is a Zelda game we’re talking about!