The Star Wars Saga will continue in 2008 with LucasArts’ Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. It takes place between Episodes III and IV, and portrays the previously untold story of Darth Vader’s Secret Apprentice. This character will be played by Sam Witwer. His pilot will be played by Nathalie Cox. The player will play as Darth Vader’s apprentice. Force powers are developed through out the game. His Force Lightning levels 4 and 5 have the ability to do as much damage as an AT-AT and leave the targets activated. The higher setting can attack multiple targets. His force abilities become so great, that he can pull an Imperial Star Destroyer from the sky. The program Havok is used for the underlying physics system while Euphoria is used for biomechanical AI and gives character survival instincts. Digital Molecular Matter is used to give plants, objects and surroundings attributes so that they will react as they would in the real world. This game is a high-tech marvel and very realistic.

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Update: I just happened to come accross a new video of this game over at Voodoo Extreme. It shows some in game footage of this beauty from GDC 2008!