You may have noticed a new icon appear on the left sidebar today.

This is our new donation button. Currently we are paying to host the website out of our own pockets every month and we are not exactly high rollers, just a group of college and high school students. So if you are so inclined, please drop us a dime! 🙂 Once the income surpasses hosting costs any extra money will be disbursed among the active editors of the site.

Here’s the great part – those of you who register and donate $5 or more will be treated with the option of hiding advertisements for one year! If you register for the forums you will also be given a life-long status mark given only to donors.

Be sure to register for the site using the same contact information that you used for donation to Paypal and vise-versa because we must manually match your donation to your account to reflect your new donor status. Please be patient, we only have 10 fingers each to do this!

Thank you all for reading the site!