[update] During the closed doors Nintendo developers meeting at this year’s E3 2010 Shiguru Miyamoto revealed some details about the zelda artwork leaked at E3 2009

WARNING Spoilers below!

Skyward Sword Controls

Imagine holding a sword and shield

Wii Remote w/ motion plus

  • A: Step / Set bomb down
  • B: Item Menu / Pull out bomb
  • – : Jump while locked
  • + : Read Journal
  • D-pad Down = Center


  • Shake to pull out shield
  • rotate to control shield position.
  • Shake to perform shield bash.
  • Z: Lock on
  • C: ?

Link skydives

Hold sword up to charge up sword with power from heaven.

Can run and climb up cliffs / walls

Typically items are assigned to a button in Zelda games, Skyward sword is designed around the idea that all of your items are in your pocket so you press b to enter your pocket then you point your remote to choose your item with a round rubber-band style menu.

You can not only cut the grass, but also trees in the new game.

New Weapons

  • Flying Beetle: Shoot-able controllable flying beetle that allows you to pick up items from a distance.
  • Whip: in the game, you whip the remote to use.


Cartoon style graphics w/ more detailed link, enemies and environments.

Playable at E3 on the showfloor

Skyward Sword is coming out next year 2011 🙁