Well folks, I went out today and bought the game and I’ve played it for about 30 minutes so far and I cannot wait to get off work to play more! Once I’m off you can be sure that I will be writing more impressions here later today. The story really makes you feel as though you are in the game as Link and getting ready for a brand new adventure. The music is fantastic and compliments the in-game moods perfectly. I also must say that I was skeptical of the stylus controls at first, but after playing for 5 minutes they felt perfectly natural. Based on the first 30 minutes of playing I already have come to the conclusion that this game is going to be a 10/10. We shall see, come back later for more impressions!

Update #2 10-3-2007:

Well everyone, I’ve gone through the first dungeon, beating the first boss as well as sailed the seven seas in the game. After all of that I still have reached the same verdict of a 10/10 score for the game. I am amazed at how well the controls for the game have come out. Being at the helm of your ship is very fun and much more interactive than Wind Waker. It’s as though they have created a whole new “touch” genre of game with this masterpiece.  If you haven’t gone out to buy it yet, don’t wait any longer! You’re missing out on one of top 2 games of the year if you don’t.