Crab Helmet over at Zelda Universe has written a fantastic article which goes over recent speculations over the new Zelda game’s number and types of items and weapons. Often speculators express a want for a large number of new items in the new Zelda. Crab however makes an excellent point that the more recent Zelda games have been over saturated with too many items which are only used once or twice throughout the game. Crab recalls the first and second Zelda games which only had very few items and weapons. In these games the player was able to use these items extensively throughout the game in order to discover new secrets. I have to agree with Crab in that I do not believe that the next Zelda game needs a gigantic selection of weapons and items. Why don’t you read Crab Helmet’s opinion and let us know here what you think the number of items in the next Zelda should be!