I just completed the addition of Forums to the website! Guess who got the first post!

Welcome to the new forums!

Hey everyone! First of all, thanks for visiting the Wii Play Games forums! I really do hope that we can grow these forums into a fun and safe place to discuss Nintendo and everything that has to do with Nintendo. I’ve been posting on forums, even administrating forums, since I was 13 years old. One of my favorite things to do was discuss the things I was interested in on forums. I hope that you too will find the magic of joining a forum community. Whether this is your first time joining a forum, or if you are an elder veteran of forums I welcome you all!

We are going to need group of people to keep the forums on track and to help moderate the forums and since the forums are just now starting out this is the perfect time to ask for your help. If you are interested in becoming a moderator of one or more forums please PM me ASAP! I look forward to hearing from you all!

That’s all for now! I hope you all join! :geek:

The Forums are accessible from every page on the navigation menu along the top of the website.