IGN chats with BioWare about the new Hedghog game coming to the Nintendo DS!

IGN: Chicken or the egg time: Did the handheld division of BioWare form specifically for the Sonic RPG, or did the deal happen after the division was formed?

Ray Muzyka: We chose to form the BioWare DS group because we really wanted to develop for the platform – we’re committed to developing great games for the Nintendo DS. We felt the Sonic RPG title was a great first product for our DS team – we’re huge fans both of Sonic as a character and IP, and the DS as an RPG platform!

IGN: So, why Sonic RPG? What makes this project so special to be the first announced project from the handheld division?

Greg Zeschuk: We’re huge fans of the Sonic IP and we jumped at the chance to work on it. As you know, roleplaying games – games focused on awesome stories and compelling characters, plus beautiful worlds to explore, addictive progression and customization and nail-biting combat – are BioWare’s bread and butter and it’s exciting to be able to bring a popular character with such a rich history into this genre for the very first time – it’s a great honor for us to be entrusted with that responsibility by our publishing partner for this title, SEGA. While we haven’t announced any feature sets yet, the Nintendo DS capabilities will allow us to innovate and create a very compelling game that will appeal to an all-ages worldwide audience while still providing a deep, rich experience to satisfy the traditional BioWare fan.

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