MetroidThe new Metroid Other M is scheduled to be released next year 2010 for the Wii. A month or exact date have not been released yet but we do know that the famous female hero Samus Alan’s back story will be deeper revealed!

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5 thoughts on “METROID: Other M”

  1. Apples says:

    What!!!! They gave her a voice?????

    1. Celea says:

      I know it’s kind of crazy! It’s awesome but disappointing at the same time. I mean we’ve all been so curious about it but then again……it takes away to the mystery of Samus! What do you think?

    2. Joel says:

      I have a feeling that games are going to be moving to voiced over rather than text soon. The same thing happened to cinema. First there were silent films, then the talkies came along, and now today most people NEVER watch silent films. The sad thing about cinema was that a lot of the famous silent film actors were pretty much kicked to the curb because they had crappy voices and they were best at the physical actions that brought out emotions which, because the microphones in the early days were bulky, limited the movement in films for a while while the technology caught up. I wonder if games will have a similar effect, and new characters that originate with a voice will become common place? Now that memory is so cheap, storing sounds for voice is no longer a problem, and may just spring forth a new era of “talkie video games”. But the question is, will the old characters die off because of their voicelessness or is it possible to give them a voice and have them still remain successful?

      1. Celea says:

        Nah, I think it’s going to enhance the character’s popularity. I love it when there are voices in video games. I like reading too but I have to admit that I get more excited when there’s spoken dialogue. So I don’t think the character’s will be hurt but more people will have jobs with voice acting! 🙂 That’s a plus! You’re probably right though about moving to voices overs rather than text but they’ll probably have both text and voice for a while to clear any confusions for players and also to cater to the deaf.

      2. Joel says:

        Yes, they will always have text subtitles for the deaf.

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