Mysterious Countdown to Next Zelda Game?

Zelda Tri-Force Clock Rumor Update!

The Hylia has word [and picture] of a suspicious looking countdown found somewhere on the Marvelous Entertainment website. Marvelous is a high profile Japanese game developer having developed several Harvest Moon titles. Here is an image of the countdown as well as the video which was received by DSCUBED at The Hylia.

Mysterious Triforce Zelda Coundown?

Notice the Triforce clock?

3 thoughts on “Mysterious Countdown to Next Zelda Game?”

  1. aughra says:

    hmmm a clock… well previous Zelda games were centered around objects. The ocarina in Ocarina of Time, the baton in Windwaker, and the minish cap in Minish Cap. puzzling indeed. Either way, another Zelda game made specifically for the Wii will be badass.

  2. Joel says:

    I don’t think that they’re going to do a sequel, I think that considering the amount of time they are taking to produce the next one that it is going to be an all new story. I can’t wait for it and all of it’s mystical glory! 😀

  3. wolf man 47 says:

    do you think that the next loz game will be a part 2 to TP ? And that Colin could be the new hero. i think that the triforce clock image looks like it could be linked to loz TP.

    Well thank you for the info and i will stay hyped and impatient for the next adventure.

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