Blue Nintendo 3DS Open

8 thoughts on “Blue Nintendo 3DS Open”

  1. saled says:

    wazup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i hope they make ansims for 3ds and blue is NOT agay color are yo

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Harley Quinn says:

    omg im getting this ds on the day it comes out but I would love it in purple…its a really nice colour but like a dark purple not a gay light one..I really want the sims 3 and i heard that assassins creed is coming out for the ds also..

  4. BETSY says:

    like on the psp

  5. awesome says:

    whats the circle thing for?

    1. Joel says:

      It is an analog control stick

      1. Harley Quinn says:

        it will be hard to learn the new controls but most of us i think will catch them on you think new colours like purple will come out?

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