Nintendo Wii HD Coming in 2010?

Michael Pachter of is spreading the rumor that Nintendo’s supposed high definition upgrade for the Nintendo Wii rumored to come out in 2011 last year will hit next year instead. Unfortunately he also is spreading the depressing idea that the next generation of consoles won’t be released before 2013. Apparently the HD upgrade will be a new console, not an add-on to the current Nintendo Wii. If it’s true it will most likely feature a more GPU and CPU and offer 1080p resolutions.

I must say that I would buy an upgraded Nintendo Wii for a new Zelda game if it made it look and run smoother. I’m a sucker for a new Zelda 😛

2 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii HD Coming in 2010?”

  1. wiiboy101 says:

    576p is pal = 50 frames 480p = american and pal 60 60 frames they wont do that thetres no benefit and ur hd tv at home scales to 720p or 768p or 1080i/p anyway

    but im 100% with you on the wii/wii hd zelda im thinking the same thing

    dec 2010 to april 2011 for euro wii hd release but theres a chance wii wait longer if natal and ps3 motion dont have any impacts wii can survive with out a big brother for another year or 2

    think DSi wen thinking wii + wii hd wotever

    system on chip tighter intergration maybe dual broadways and new gpu or a g5 based broadway 2 w

  2. Matt says:

    when twilight princess came out for gamecube they made a version for wii maybe they will do ZELDA Wii for Wii HD and ZELDA wii will be out in 2010 dec so maybe same strategy Wii HD releases 2010 same time frame as zelda wii for a nice 1080p version with more detailed graphics this would make sence also maybe give wii a firmware upgrade to 576p

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