Rumor! Nintendo GameCube Handheld in the Works?

According to several sources the latest rumor has it that Nintendo is currently working on a Nintendo Gamecube portable system as we speak! I don’t know about you all but that sounds awesome to me! I want one! IGN posted an article about this only to later recall the article leaving behind the reason, “At the request of our sources, who do not wish to go to jail this week”. I will update as more information is announced!

3 thoughts on “Rumor! Nintendo GameCube Handheld in the Works?”

  1. Applebee says:

    Well if it is true I would be loving every second. If they are, I would asume that they would use the games from the gamecube so they dont have to make new games for it. I would think that it would keep the cube alive, cus how I see it, its kinda dieing a little. I could really see my self walking down the street with one. It will be cool to see if its true.

  2. Radium says:

    So far it’s all just a rumor, so there is no games list yet. Hopefully there will be though!

  3. gothicangel says:

    what are some of the games 4 the gamecube?????

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