Welcome to Wii Play Games! (Like “We Play Games”, get it?) Got a question? Read on, then ask below in the comments if it hasn’t been answered.

What is Wii Play Games?

Wii Play Games is a video game news site that covers mainly Nintendo console games.

When was Wii Play Games founded?

Some time in 2006

What platforms do you cover?

Mainly console games, however we have been known to delve into the PC/Games for Windows realm from time to time.

Does Wii Play Games review games?

Yes we do but we do not have time to review every game on earth however, so instead of trying to do so we only review games we deem worthy (and can afford!)

Does Wii Play Games purchase the games it reviews?

Yes. We buy all the games we review (and some we do not review).

Do you beat the games you review?

Yes. We will only review games after completion, unless otherwise noted in the review.

Why have you reviewed so few games?

Because of a lack of time. We are attending college and working multiple part time jobs along with posting the news.

What measurement do you use to score your games?

We do not use a scoring system for our game reviews. Unless you count Buy or Don’t buy as a scoring system.

Is Wii Play Games a blog?


Does Wii Play Games blatently copy Voodoo Extreme’s layout and FAQ page?


Where do I send news stories I think you should know about?


2 thoughts on “Not So Frequently Asked Questions”

  1. Joel says:

    Hmmm… You’re right, that isn’t the only game I have played. I had no idea people actually read my reviews. Since Crossbow I’ve played Super Smash Bros., Super Mario Galaxy, and Mario Kart Wii. I’m going to make this the next poll.

  2. darkflamewolf says:

    so when will more game reviews be forthcoming? I highly doubt Link’s crossbow training is the only game you’ve played. 😛

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